Peacepath Group: the Documentary

When you feel your life is a burden more than a hope, when you feel deep down in your bones that your lifestyle does not match your desire for relief and happiness, the “Peacepath” project could be the answer you were waiting for, perhaps even unconsciously.

This documentary was made to bring you the stories of women and men who have already decided to give themselves a new chance of delving into the meaning of their existence.

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Time To Begin Again

Globalization and the New Evangelization

Premise: Reopening ourselves to the joy of searching
and to faith as a search for joy

I think it is important to begin our reflection with an appropriate emotional tone, that is, with the right tone, which cannot be other than that of hope and joyous searching. In fact, in this tumultuous time, we want to reflect more deeply on our experience of faith simply because this experience fundamentally makes us happier. In other words, the spiritual experience is nothing other than the liberation and expansion in us of a Spirit who is a Spirit of joy, peace and the capacity to love (Ga. 5:22). Consequently, this experience offers us the most complete fulfillment of the human search for happiness. Only because of this does it draw and continue to draw and fascinate people. [Continue reading]

Group structure

“Certainly we can say that we all feel at the beginning of a new era founded on fidelity to the ancient heritage, that opens upon wonders of real spiritual progress” (John XXIII). … [Continue reading]

Method: integration of the culture, psychological knowledge of oneself and spirituality

“It is crucial to know ourselves well, but I wouldn’t want to reassure you by this, not even if you arrived in the highest of heavens (…) But I believe that we’ll never know ourselves well, if we don’t try, all together, to know God” (Saint Therese … [Continue reading]

Method: the basic principles

“In a period of history in which many structures and life styles are falling into pieces while we are constantly left with nothing but our own personal resources and intuitions, the need of a spiritual direction is becoming more evident. From the … [Continue reading]

The goals

“If a new era of civilization, a non-savage one, needs to blossom, the most profound need of that era will be the sanctification of  profane life, a fecundation of the socially-temporal existence operated by the spiritual experience, the … [Continue reading]

The bases

“The period that lacks its foundation is hanging over an abyss. Granted that there can be a turning point for this period, this can happen only if the world turns upside down, that is, upside down beginning from the abyss” (Martin Heidegger). … [Continue reading]


“I continued to preach ‘the decay of others is also in ourselves’, and I see no other solution, really, I see no other solution but to turn within ourselves and tear out our decay. I no longer think we can improve something in the exterior world … [Continue reading]